Makin' The Music happen


In order for an artist to perform before an audience, a certain quality of public address system is required. When it comes to rental, sale, installation and maintenance of audio reinforcement equipment, ISD can make it happen, from small venues to multi-million-dollar permanent or traveling installations. While many clubs have permanent installations, sometimes these need to be augmented by rentals. Generally, a venue will have a certain amount of fixed or movable staging for an artist, which again may be augmented with rentals from venue to venue.


Festival Sound

Wherever you go, music is always there. Perhaps you are planning your next concert, festival, tour, or may be even building a new establishment in need of installations; the volume and clarity need to be perfect. With concerts, festivals, and large events the sound is going to make or break the gig. The quality of your audio is essential to your event. Here at ISD, we have decades of touring experience, a proven track record for festival sound reinforcement, special event production, and installation. We pride ourselves on being able to meet ANY technical rider or stage schematic. 


The Boathouse

The Boathouse has two stages; one inside and out. ISD has provided professional sound to several nationally touring acts.


Make America Rock Again

Salvia, Tantric, Trapt, Alien Ant Farm, Crazy Town, 12 Stones - Carl Kerridge Photography



When you are performing on stage it is crucial to hear what you are actually playing. Regardless if you are performing in a 500 capacity venue or an arena, ISD Engineers are here to help. In addition to your in-ear set-up, or your monitor mix, an artist must have a flawless Front of House mix. This requires professionals that understand the acoustic environment and different types of stage set-ups. Here at ISD we have more than 30 years of touring experience. If you are in need of in-ear rig’s, monitor set-ups, or Front of House Engineers, feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Slayer at the House of Blues 2016.